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St. Louis Website Design and Development Services

SavvyWeb offers a variety of web development and design services for small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you’re looking to start a new web presence from the ground up or are ready to take your present site to the next level, we can deliver affordable solutions with excellent results.

Wordpress CMS

Looking for an adaptable site that you can learn to manage on your own? SavvyWeb can get you started with a reputable hosting service. We offer a comprehensive array of ongoing WordPress support services. After installation we will apply your branding to the WordPress theme that works best for you. If you can’t find one, we can build it for you!

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? WordPress is the fastest and most affordable content management system that offers the essential elements for your customer facing website.

  • We’ll set up your hosting service and domain name using services like Bluehost or HostGator.
  • We can work with your designer to apply your branding to the site while you customize the site with your business’s content.
  • Next we’ll help you choose a flexible WordPress theme and associated plugins. You might want something with streamlined SEO, social networking capability, or an E-commerce shopping cart plugin for the ability to accept payments online.

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Mobile & Responsive Conversion

Make your site is accessible to the increasing number of potential customers accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets. Modern websites must be responsive, though many were not built with variable screen sizes in mind. Ask us if converting to a responsive or mobile version of your site is a reasonable option before you pay thousands for an entirely new site; it might cost less than you think to convert to mobile.

Go Mobile...

A little restructuring may keep you from having to start from scratch.
You may have to replace some old code getting in the way of your site’s responsive potential.

  • Fully responsive websites shrink to fit the browser’s frame.
  • Mobile sites detect variable screen sizes and adjust automatically.
  • If you’re working with us on a new site we’ll make sure to style it responsively from the very beginning.

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Website Maintenance

Does your site need a little expert grooming? We know that your business evolves quickly and that your website needs to keep pace and maintain flexibility. If you’re not looking to start a new site from scratch, but need to take care of that laundry list of annoying bugs, we can help.

Ongoing support

Even with a WordPress backend you may need an extra pair of hands from time to time. Send us an inquiry to ask us about our monthly or one-time site consultation and maintenance rates.

  • We offer site assessment, WordPress upgrades, and repair.
  • Ask us about monthly maintenance contracts.
  • We can create responsive content templates that keep your copy cleanly formatted.

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Custom Plugins & Applications

If the WordPress community doesn’t have the plugin that you’re looking for, we can build it for you. If you’re ready to offer specialized services from your site, we can help develop forms, calculators, or integrate infographics from an online data source.

Features made to fit...

Third party plugins can be limiting since many are not designed with your particular problem in mind. If you need to develop something special, we can help!

  • Custom HTML5 and CSS3
  • Dynamic code using custom PHP with MySQL
  • User Interface leveraging Jquery/Javascript

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Social Media and SEO Integration

We recommend developing content that lives on your own site, where you can share it easily with your followers on any social media platform. We can advise you on some of the best SEO practices as you learn to add content.

Get Noticed...

We can build in tools to help you share on social media with as little friction as possible.

  • Use your site as a tool to connect and create community.
  • Engage your users and share your mission with the a broad and diverse network.
  • Add share and follow tools that amplify your messaging and ensure you’re actually being heard.

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Training and Consultation

We can teach you some of the basics. With a little training, you might be able to save on maintenance costs in the long run. We include basic training in our estimates, but if you’re looking for more extensive guidance just ask and we can build it into the project.

Wordpress DIY...

A little knowledge can save you a lot.

  • We’ll walk you through the WordPress and hosting back-ends to show you how to make content updates on your own.
  • We’ll teach you some basic HTML so you can fix errors in your content before making your pages live.

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Custom Icons & Illustration

Don’t fall into the trap of cheap graphics – generic icons can be like fitting a square peg into a round hole. If you need something that’s made to fit your brand identity, we can craft it for you.

Branding with character...

Bonus: we make excellent illustrations too.

  • Custom icons particular to your services
  • Custom illustrated profile picture
  • Decorative branding elements

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